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Beach Stormer

Crowd Control Action

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Endless Enemies

Multiply your forces, fight mobs of enemies, and destroy enemy bases.

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Casual Strategy

Simple to control with variety of levels requiring fresh strategies.

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Unique Bosses

50 levels, 6 unique bosses, 15 upgrades, 13 achievements.

Deploy. Attack. Upgrade. With Beach Stormer, you choose where to deploy your troops and special abilities, choose upgrades, and destroy the hordes of enemies to take back the beach!

  • Casual gameplay you can control with one hand
  • Play anywhere, anytime. Online or offline -- no wi-fi required.
  • Unlock Episode 2: Zombie Marsh with new locations, enemies, upgrades, and surprises
  • No ads, never any interruptions

More info / Beach Stormer Press kit

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Casual Word Puzzle App

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Five by Five by Five

Find five words, five letters each, in a 5x5 grid. Free puzzles every day.

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Daily Puzzle

A new puzzle each day that everyone plays together. Keep up your streak and play with friends.

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Endless Fun

Play thousands and thousands of puzzles, with free hints so you never get stuck!

For Word Puzzle Fans ••• Free puzzles every day ••• No Ads ••• Play offline

Letter Head Logo

Letter Head!

Casual Word Puzzle App

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Puzzling Words

Test your vocabulary by finding words that contain the given 3 letters.

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Daily Challenge

Can you find one of the few words that match? A new challenge puzzle every day!

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Train Your Brain

Over 5000 unique puzzles, with easy, medium, and hard word sets and free bonus gems every day!

No time limits ••• Daily Bonuses ••• Relaxing images ••• Play offline